Do you speak Verlan? 

Words in Verlan are formed by switching the order in which syllables from the original word are pronounced.

An example is the word 'verlan' itself which come from '(à)l'envers' (backwards or upside-down).

In other words, learning to speak Verlan is to learn to speak backwards or to put the french language upside-down.

Verlan is very commonly spoken by French teenagers (especially around Paris) and the impressive number of new words they create each year shows that the French language is very much alive.

Here are some basic Verlan words:

Verlan word Original word English meaning
à oilp / à oilpé à poil naked
chanmé méchant terrific, mean, bad
chelou louche strange, weird
une garo une cigarette a cigarette
guedin dingue crazy, mad
keuf flic cop
keum mec guy
Laisse béton ! Laisse tomber ! Forget it!
meuf / feumeu femme woman, girl
ouf fou crazy, mad
relou lourd annoying, thick
remps parents parents
renoi noir a black person
rebeu beur arab
reuch cher expensive
reuf frère brother
reum mère mother
reup père father
ripou pourri rotten, corrupted
teubé bête stupid
teuf fête party
véner enervé to be angry
zarbi bizarre strange, weird
zicmu musique music
zyva! vas-y! come on !