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Welcome to our online French grammar lessons!

All our online French lessons are free. French language grammar is fairly similar to that of other Romance languages:

  • As in most Romance languages, French phrases follow a strict Subject – Verb – Object word order.
  •  Nouns, adjectives and determiners will be modified according to grammatical gender (Feminine or Masculine) and grammar number (Singular or Plural)
  • Getting past French verbs is one of the main difficulties for French language learners: French verbs can be modified according to gender (masculine or feminine), number (singular or plural), tense (In French, they are 3 main tenses: past, present, future) mood (In French, there are 4 moods: indicative, imperative, conditional and subjunctive) and voice (in French, they are 3 main voices: active / passive / middle or reflexive).
  • As all other Romance languages, the French language has 2 types of articles: definite and indefinite.

These French grammar lessons are designed to help beginning and intermediate French students in studying, practicing or reviewing various aspects of French grammar.

They have been designed to work with the French language course for beginners  and intermediate French language lessons available on this website but these French grammar lessons can also be studied independently or be used as a tool for quick reference and review of a particular aspect of French grammar such as French nouns, French pronouns, French verbs, French conjugation, French adjectives, etc.

Our online French grammar lessons will enable all French language learners to quickly develop, improve or review their knowledge of French grammar. French grammar explanations have been kept simple and many French phrases (with sounds) have been provided so that you can naturally learn French grammar through examples.

We hope you enjoy learning French grammar with us!

Nouns and determiners (Noms et determinants)

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Pronouns (Pronoms)

1. Subject pronouns
2. Object pronouns

3. Relative pronouns

4. Interrogative pronouns

5. Other pronouns

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Adverbs (Adverbes)

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Prepositions (Prépositions)

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 Adjectives (Adjectifs)

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Comparative and superlatif (Comparatif et superlatif)

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Verbs (Verbes) - Present tense - Indicative mood

1.  Regular Verbs

  • Verb ending in ER
2. Special verbs

3. Common irregular verbs

4. Verb phrases

5. Verbs review

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Mood and tense

1. Indicative mood

    • Present tense (see verbs)
    • French past tense 
    • French future tense 
 2. The imperative mood

3. The conditional mood

 4. The subjunctive mood

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Interrogative constructions (Questions)

Negative constructions (La négation)

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Numbers (Nombres)

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